I Don’t Like to Write. Can I Just Put 20 pictures on My Blog with no text?

Short Answer: No. Google needs actual content (words) as a signal to know what your page/post is about.

Long Answer: Google’s main purpose is to return the BEST result for a person doing a search. If a person searches for “Biltmore Estates Wedding Photography,” a blog post with 20 photos is not likely very helpful to the searcher. They may be looking for more information. So the algorithms Google and other search engines have created would not likely return a blog post like that.

Actions You Can Take: Instead of creating blog posts without words, you want to make something of value. If you don’t like to write, you can hire someone, or learn to get better at writing. It’s just a skill to learn. You’re already a storyteller, but you just need to learn to use words. 

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