2. Styling Your Site

Before we get into the content of the site, we’ll do what you probably want to do already… Make the site beautiful!

We have some sample content in the right areas right now, so don’t worry about what you’re seeing as you’re styling the site. You’ll be adding your own content in the next step.

OK, let’s get crackin!

  1. In the Admin area menu, there’s a menu item called Appearance. Hover over that, and you’ll see some options. One is Customize. Click on that.
  2. The Customizer is a wonderful tool that lets you see changes before you apply them on the public facing site. Cool huh? These will change and be added to as we develop the themes but we’ll walk through some of them so you can get used to them.
  3. The first option is Site Colors. Click on that, and you’ll see a few options. You can click on each color swatch and either use the color picker, or enter a Hex code for specific colors. You can adjust: Background Color, Text Color, Site Accent Color, etc.
  4. Next is Header Options. Here you can turn on or off the Social Icons, Search, and if you have a Client/Proofing area (Zenfolio, Smugmug, etc.) you can include the URL to that here, or just turn in off.
  5. Typography is the next set of options. Flaunt Sites uses Google Fonts which feature over 800+ fonts. Now, it’s easier to go to Google Fonts and look at them first, before you select the font.
    1. The first set of typography is Headings. These are the titles on your site, and should be distinctive and prominent.
    2. The next set is Body. And this is for all your general content text. Make sure it’s a nice size, and readable so people (like your client’s Mom’s) don’t have to squint while reading.
    3. The final set is Cursive/Handwritten. There are a few areas, like the Reviews where we use a Script font to simulate the signature of your clients. So when you’re at Google Fonts, you can filter by Handwritten and find some nice fonts that way.
  6. Under Menu Appearance, you can set a unique font here, as well as turning on the Menu Background on or off, and the colors of the Menu Items and the Hover Color.
  7. Image Appearance allow you to change the color of the background for Captions, and to turn on inset strokes (single pixel strokes on the inside edge of your photos).
  8. After you’ve played around and made all your modifications, go ahead and click Save & Publish at the top left.
  9. Check out your site, and celebrate!

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