3. Widgets

Widgets augment your site with useful content and features in areas like Sidebars and Footers. We’ve created what we think are some very helpful ones (things like Reviews and Call To Actions that help your potential clients become actual clients, and Business Information that help with SEO efforts).

Let’s have a look at where you can set your Widgets.

  1. You can get to Widgets in the Customizer (Appearance –> Customize).
  2. Right now, there are Widgets in the Footer, and in the Services Sidebar.
  3. To adjust the Footer Widget, click on that (you will have to scroll down to see the changes being made to the Footer).
  4. You can click and drag to reorder the items.
  5. To delete items, click on the down arrow and click the word “Remove.”
  6. To add Widgets, click the “Add a Widget” button at the bottom. A new panel will show up with all the available Widgets. Anything with starting with ‘FS’ is a custom Widget made by us.
  7. Some Widgets require additional information, or title. You can open each one, and add or edit that info.
  8. Have fun playing! Add, delete, sort until you’re happy!

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